Bohag Bihu Celebration in Bangalore, India

The Assamese New Year, which falls on the 14th of April, heralds the month of Bohag and enthuses the essence of spring, beginning the celebration of Bohag Bihu all through-out the month. The celebrations in Bangalore was organized by the Assam Bangalore Co-ordination Forum to bring together the working populace of the city and the student community to celebrate this rich festival with fan fare . It was a good break for all those who attended, specially with the lunch comprising of traditionally cooked assamese delicacies followed by a cultural programme. The traditional husori or the bihu dance was the main attraction of the festivities being performed with the dhol, pepa, gagana and the colourfully attired nasoni (dancers) in the customary muga mekhala chadar.

A host of talented students and working professionals performed traditional and foot tapping modern assamese songs. In trend with the style of the city, a fashion show showcasing the traditional, ethnic and modern assamese as well as North Eastern wear was also choreographed. The occassion brought in pleasant reminiscences of the home state which is normally associated with the season of spring.

- Assam Bangalore Co-ordination Forum (