Bihu celebrated in the Twin Cities.

The small assamese community of Minneapolis and St.Paul celebrated bohag bihu with traditional fun and spirit. Thanks to Chitralekha (Minti) and Somesh for hosting the festivities in their beautiful home. It was a day long event . We started with the traditional and delectable bihu snacks like sira, doi, tilor ladu, pitha and other homemade sweets . This was followed by bihu dance performances by Namita, Giti and Monica and Barnali. Monica and Debojyoti's daughters, Meghna and Debika performed a wonderful dance sequence. There were outdoor games and activities planned for the small kids. All this was followed by a sumptuous lunch -. Masor tenga, mutton curry, chicken butter masala, chicken tandoori, fish kaalia, prepared by all of us.

It was a day which brought back the warmth and nostalgia of our bihu days back home. Hope to continue to celebrate our 'moromor bohagor bihuti' and keep the traditions alive.

Sabina Zeenat