Bihu Celebrated Colorado Springs, Colorado

It was attended by individuals and families in all
three Metropolitan areas in Colorado: Denver, Colorado Springs
and Fort Collins.

The day's program started around noon with everyone arriving
and partaking of jolpaan of siraa and doi, with singara, mithaai,
and varieties of
pithaas and laarus made by Rita Kastner of Evergreen, Lipika Das of
Aurora, Anima Goswami of Fort Collins and Bonmayuri Kalita
of Colorado Springs. It was followed by a brief naam-prasanga
led by Dipendra Goswami of Fort Collins and Ganesh Bhuyan
of Westminster. After the maah-prasad was distributed, the festivities began in earnest.

Several games were played. Ranjan Saikia of Fort Collins was
the Sports Coordinator. Everyone participated in the game
of "Tekeli Bhongaa" with Amitabha Chakrabarti of Colorado
Springs and Paban Sarma of Fort Collins winning. The game of
Koni Ju~z (Egg Fight) was won by the Dipendra Goswami of Fort Collins who
defeated his son Montu in the finals. The eggs for the game
were supplied by Ganesh Bhuyan of Westminster.

There was also a unique part to the Bihu celebrations with a Gift
Raffle. Everyone participating brought a small gift and deposited them in a huge container. All the gifts
were numbered and attendees given a number as well. And, then
tickets were drawn one by one from the confines of a large xoraai,
shaken heavily between draws. Ranjan Saikia of Fort Collins conducted
the Gift Raffle.

The late lunch was sumptous. The menu was extensive, with pulaao,
bogaa bhaat, ha~hor aanjaa (duck), maasor tengaa, daail, bhaaji,
and grilled Atlantic salmon.

There was a Husori and dance program led by Paban Sarma of Fort Collins with everyone else participating. Paban's talents with
Baa~hi impressed everyone.

There was also an exhibition of several new books published
recently in Assam by Jugal Kalita of Colorado Springs. Books
shown included three volumes of the Asomiya Biswakosh, two
volumes of Xonkhipto Asomiya Biswakosh, and Axom 2003: The
Year book.

Reported by Jugal Kalita, Colorado Springs, Colorado