B K Birla company sets up school near Guwahati

Essentially a philanthropic project, this school is the first of its kind in the North East. All group schools throughout the country are controlled by a trust.

The state-of-the-art school, a Rs.10 crore project, is likely to be completed in phases over the next 3 years.

Talking to ET, Ms Jayashree Mohta, Mr Birla’s eldest daughter, told ET that the ‘first phase of the work would be get completed within the first week of September 2003”. “This is our commitment to the people of Assam. L&T construction division is carrying out the project. He school will have classes from first to fifth in the first phase, and we will add classes every year. Our ultimate objective is to set up a 10+2 national standard CBSE school. I am optimistic about the response,” she said.

Ms Mohta hoped to get some 300-400 students initially. “Our optimum capacity is around 2200 students. But this is not possible at one go” she added.

“We expect to break even much before we reach full capacity. We would encourage students to take part in arts and culture, music learning, dance and drama and community service,” she added. Se claimed that the fee structure of the school would be much lower than those of other nationally reputed schools.

- Economic Times, July 7, 2003