Scores of Assamese students staying at different places in Delhi celebrated Sri Sri Saraswati puja in the Sewa Kutir Complex of North Delhi on the 4th of February. Following the rituals of Assamese society, the students assembled at the puja venue to offer worship to the goddess of Knowledge. As the sun rose lighting up the world for a new day, the students decorated the Puja venue with colourful flowers creating an aromatic environment full of fragrance that magnatised the passers by to turn their heads

The Puja started at 8-30 in the morning with the establishment of Pratima in the Puja venue.
Students assembled from most of the parts of Delhi and made the venue as colourful as kaleidoscopic Assam --the land of mighty rivers and blue hills. This occasion also provided the students a unique opportunity to meet their friends with whom they did not have contact for months. It added one more significance to the celebration of puja making it more momentous.

Some students also came with their family members and created such an ambience that as if all were creating a Mini-Assam in the heart of the national capital. People perceived as if they were celebrating Saraswati Puja not in Delhi but somewhere in Assam. All the students thanked Prabhat Baruah of Jorhat, who took the initiative in organising the Puja. A host of students like Jayantajit Baruah, Jubil Lalung, Karnika Deka, Tubla Baruah and many others extended their helping hands and made this occasion successful. The organisers also expressed their gratitude to the whole student community for making the occasion successful.

-Pankaj Kumar Sarma