Assamese NRI : No Pride Of Assam Unlike Other NRI

(This news content is my personal point of view and I think its perfectly applies on so called "hi-fi assamise NRI's".)

I just want to ask one question to all those assamise people in abroad. What "great" they have done to there native place?

What I mean to say is, take example of any other NRI community be it from Punjab, TN, UP, Maharastra, etc (not to forget Bihar!!!) they have proven their existence in abroad. But its not same for our "dear akhomiya brothers and sister" out there in BIG states.

Organising bihu or annual conference is nothing great (although I am NOT saying you shouldnot do it!!).

But I have hardly ever came across an assamise person's name in a business/ economic/ cultural Magazine/Newspaper of India. Where it states that this fellow from assam has done something good if not "outstanding" in this xyz field.

It really hurts me who want you people to shine in the world map.

Sorry to all my people, whom I might have hurt with this artical but its high time to prove your existance out there.


Dhruba Jyoti Baishya,