Assamese musical evening at House of Lords

Hi every one, I attended and witness a prestigious Assamese musical evening in Westminster Palace on 11th Oct 2002,entirely organised and sponsored by Mrs Rini Kakoti of London, we all call her Rini Baidew.The function was adorned by many Dignitaries such as Lord Patel and also some media people from BBC, This evening is made beautiful and memorable by Famous Gazal singer from Assam Gauwhati named as Anirban Das, and Sangeeta Goswami from Assam.

In this more then one year in UK, I have attended many functions and get-togethers and I enjoyed all of them, but this is evening is really a unique one, as I feel proud to be an assamese to be in Westminster Palace, and for this I personally and from all my friends I thank to Rini Baidew who made it possible with her hard work, I really appreciate because in this way our Assamese artist and culture is recognised in a Royal Way, I remember Lord Patel expressing his words by praising Mr Anirban Das for his gazal, he said no one can say Mr Das first language is Assamese as he is so good in his Hindi wordings, I personally feel that if we all Assamese work hard in this way we can do lots of good work, we can give more exposure to our assamese culture and also assamese talent in International level understand we have good talent in Assam,

I will remember this evening and hope to see more artist from Assam in coming days, we have a small community of Assamese people in Great Britain, so we all need to work hard to promote Assam in U.K. I hope to see some Assamese Bihu dance next year in Asian Festival which held in London every year, I wish some one look after this matter and make it possible,

At last our heartiest thanks to Mrs Rini Kakoti, and I hope she will carry her hard work in future....

Utpal Borah
Colchester, U.K