Assamese Engineering and Management Professionals

Many of these students get placement in the campus recruitment process. But many come out from their campuses without any job and have to stay without job for months. Some of them, from weak financial backgrounds have to face grave consequences not needed any explaination. Also this leads to the increase of the number of technically educated unempolyed. The civil engineers resort to becoming \\'Thikadaars\\' and exploit the current situation in Assam. Many return back home from Pune, Bangalore etc and start their own business. But all busineeses in Assam have become saturated. They face failures in most cases. Its high time for the world Assamese Community to consider their case seriously. Many Assamese have been able to establish themselves in the world arena and can surely provide some help to the hundreds of technically educated unemployed Asasamese.

Some time ago, ISFAP (International Society For Assamese Professionals) < > was started but now it seems to disappear into oblivion. It is an ardent request to all to help the unemployed by doing some positive thing. That \\'thing\\' I leave for the enlightened souls of Assam to decide and execute through this forum.