Assamese culture has strength to embrace diverse people

Unfurling the AXX flag here on the occasion of 67th Lakhimpur session of the Xabha, Borgohain said that the river Brahmaputra which is the lifeline of the Assamese civilization has witnessed assimilation of diverse culture, languages and races over the years to make a greater Assamese society. He said that everytime one assembles under the flag of the AXX, he or she realizes this truth.

"Who are the Assamese? All of those who have been using Assamese as their mother tongue for generations together. Besides, they are also Assamese who have adopted the language in recent times. Those people who have accepted Assamese as the second language and feel ploud of it are also Assamese. They are also Assamese who consider themselves to be a part of the diverse and rich culture of Assam. I define those people who make sincere endeavour to infuse the colour of Assam in their own culture and traditions as the Assamese," he said.

Borgohain said that an unflinching love for humanity should be the yardstick to continue the process of making a greater Assamese society. He said that acceptance of culture, traditions and languages of smaller groups living in Assam will help the Assamese race to survive in the years to come. He said that the AXX would have to play a great role in this regard.

Meanwhile, despite the inclement weather and an uninterrupted drizzle, Padmanath Khetra witnessed a sea of humanity for the second day today. People from all walks of life, irrespective of caste, community and religion, visited the Xabha venue.

The stage has been set for tomorrow’s open session where the newly elected AXX president Dr Birendra Nath Dutta will give his presidential speech. He will be brought to the AXX venue on a specially decorated rath .

On the other hand, for the first time in the history of AXX the Xabha flag was unfurled at two different venues. After unfurling of the flag at the Padmanath Khetra by Homen Borgohain, the chief guest at the current session of the AXX, Chandradhar Tripathi, unfurled another flag at Panidri Khetra, seven km away from the main venue. The AXX general secretary Basanta Goswami was present at Panidri Khetra.

Borgohain also inaugurated a book fair at Padmanath Khetra due to the absence of vice-chancellor of Dibrugarh University Dr Kulendu Pathak, who was earlier scheduled to do the honours.

A meeting of the AXX held here in front of the Lakhimpur Circuit House selected Sipajhar as the next venue of the biennial AXX session.