Assam Right to Information Act

How does the Right to Information (RTI) Act help us?

RTI Act gives you the right to ask the Government for information that can expose inaction and corruption, and address your grievances.

Under the RTI Act you can:

  • Demand from the government information pertaining to any of its departments.
  • Demand photocopies of government contracts, payment, estimates, measurements of engineering works etc.
  • Demand from the government samples of material used in the construction of roads, drains, buildings etc.
  • Demand to inspect any public development work that may be still under construction or completed.
  • Demand to inspect government documents- construction drawings, records books and registers etc.
  • Demand status of your requests or complaints.

Do you have pending work with any department of the Government. Are they not doing your work and expecting or demanding a bribe? Did you file any grievance petition in a government department but they are simply not acting on it? Did you make any complaint against any official or against any wrong-doing and they are not acting on your complaint? You can use the Right to Information Act to know the status of your application. Sometimes, demanding the status forces them to act.

Quoted from: RTI Primer, prepared by National Campaign for People’s Right to Information.

Read about the Right to Information Act 2001 (Revised in 2002): here...

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