Assam Convention 2005 (AANA Convention)

This annual AANA convention brings together families who have roots in Assam or Northeast India, people interested in the in the cultural heritage of this region and their friends. It is an event where we can celebrate our common heritage, renew friendships and discuss issues of interest to the community.

We are planning a colourful cultural program with emphasis on the cultural diversity of Northeast India. We have invited noted singers, Tarali Sarma and Samar Hazarika, and other dignitaries from Assam to the convention.

The well known team producing the popular TV series Bideshat Apun Manuh have agreed to cover the convention.

Canada, where multiculturalism is enshrined in the Constitution, provides an appropriate setting for celebrating the diverse and rich cultural heritage of Northeast India. We aim to make this convention a forum to encourage intercultural dialogue, to examine the reconciliation of our ethnicity with our commitments to our new countries, to showcase the talents and achievements of the expatriate Assamese community and to survey their contribution to the shaping of their adopted homelands. The prairie province of Alberta is an unspoiled frontier of rugged snow-capped mountains, majestic glaciers, brilliant-turquoise glacial lakes and abundant wild life. The famed Banff National Park is just over an hour’s drive from Calgary. If you are a lover of the outdoor life, come early or stay back to enjoy hiking, fishing, canoeing, river rafting, mountain climbing, biking, horse riding and many other activities of your choice. We will keep you updated of our definitive plans as they evolve.