Assam Association undertakes commendable works

Later in 1967 it was registered as Assam Association (Regd. No. 3434) and it became more active with the increase in its members. Since its very inception the association has been deeply committed to Assamese literature and culture. Its activities over the years become manifold.

A long-cherished dream of the association turned into reality as the permanent building of its own named Sankardeva Bhavan got functioning this year for which funds where collected both from government and donations from corporate sector and individuals as informed by Monoj Das.

During the AGP led government the state government and Cultural Affairs department of the Government of India provided grant of Rs 7 lakh and 15 lakh respectively. The last Congress government in the State provided a grant of Rs 10 lakh. The corporate sector which provide their helping hand included Oil India, ONGC, BRPL, IOC, NRL and NEEPCO. Among the individual donors highest amount Rs 6 lakh was donated by Rajib Baruah who lives in Hong Kong. Eminent economist Dr. Jayanta Madhab also donated Rs 2.5 lakh. The association also successfully organised fund raising cultural functions with prominent artiste Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, Amjad Ali Khan, Aman and Zakir Hussain from time to time. The five storie Sankardev Bhavan is the pride of the States as well as the Assamese community living in New Delhi. Though the construction is not completed yet the guest room is opened which provides accommodation and dining facilities and intends to be a home away from home for all who visit New Delhi.

The association has done a lot in bringing together the people living there. Monoj Das, secretary of the association spoke about the performances and the proposed steps undertaken by the association.

“We organise seminars on various topics, functions, literary sitting and open classes of Assamese music and dance and basic language class for the children who are born and brought up here. We plan to set up a library of Assamese books and on art gallery at Sankardeva Bhavan and to form a federation of such other organisations. The association has gone on-line. The website is”

The association has issued an appeal for liberal contributions which will be exempted from income tax under section 80 of Income Tax Act vide No. DIT (E) 2002-03/A-652/1560 dated 4th September 2002. The activities of the association is smoothly managed by its 21 member executive committee headed by Bikash Borah as president and Monoj Das as secretary. The address of the Sankardev Bhavan is Srimanta Sankardeva bhavan A-14-B, Satsang Vihar, Marg Qutub Institutional Area, New Delhi-110067. (Phone No. 011-26537786) Being in the national capital, the association is playing a vitally important role in focusing on Assamese literature and culture on the national level.

(The Assam Tribune,22.10.2006)