Assam Apex Tourism Development Cooperative Society Ltd (TOURFED)

The aim & object fo TOURFED is to promote and develop the dying tourism industry of Assam.Also to elimate poverty through Touirsm,TOURFED is committed to improve the economic condition of the rural population of Assam through Rural tourism.

In this regard TOURFED has already constituted a number of branches at the rural areas of Assam and also is committed to follow the resolution passed by the World Tourism Organization at the Johannesburg Summit on enviornment. The resolution passed by the world tourism organization Secy General Mr Francesco Frangialli for elimination of rural poverty through tourism.
Mr Frangialli also emphisized tourism as a major, growing contributor to employment, wealth,i nvestment and cultural understanding.

Keeping this in view TOURFED has decided to celebrate the World Tourism Day on the 27th Of September at Roja Mayong only 58 Km form Guwahati a area rich in wild life, archeology & river segments of tourism.

Amar Bora