Aranbindo Rajkhowa's statement

27 July is the martyrs’ day of the liberation struggle of Assam. This day is a memorable day of the supreme sacrifice of the finest and bravest progeny of our motherland Assam. This land of ours have been stained with the blood of our freedom fighters readily sacrificing their lives to enemy attacks. The defiant common citizens of our nation also have suffered untold misery and even have given their lives supporting our freedom struggle. The United Liberation Front of Asom in unison with the freedom-seeking citizens pays deepest homage to all the martyrs of our land, known and unknown.

It is a not certain who was the first ever martyr. However, the majority consensus is that the Greek philosopher born in 329 B.C. and died of poisoning in 399 B.C. as a result of his monotheist belief at the hands of the polytheists is the first ever martyr. We do not doubt that. Just before his death Socrates said to his friend Cricket{ please check for correct spelling}, “Critu, I owe my neighbour Excelpayes {please check for correct spelling} a chicken. Please make sure you repay this debt.”

The martyrdom in our national liberation struggle is certainly not unique. Neither are our martyrs are Socrates. However, they are the greatest sons and daughter of our motherland. Freedom is ones birth right and this is also the basic collective right. Those who have laid their lives to pursue the right of the indigenous people of Assam will always be remembered with highest esteem and reverence of immortality. In pursuance of this path of freedom hundreds of martyrs have given their all, but, we are yet to achieve our goal. Our people are still under subjugation and are suffering without respite.

Therefore, all of us must work towards achieving the incomplete task these martyrs have left behind. We have to work with absolute determination to free our country and our people. No one should fail in carrying out this responsibility at any pretext and make the sacrifice of our martyrs meaningless. This is the moral we must remind ourselves of on this martyrs day.

We need to reflect again on the mindset of our people regarding the current independence struggle of Assam. It is abundantly clear now that colonial exploitation, political and cultural oppression, economic filching and prejudicial treatment received have led to the realisation of dire fate of oblivion of indigenous people of Assam. Our main common enemy is the colonial Indian Government. Over several decades, on these burning issues, people from various cast or creed platform, have launched many a struggles repeatedly. Many a sacrifices have been made in these efforts. But we have not been able to re-establish our lost basic rights through these efforts. We have not been able to effectively unite to destroy our chief enemy and crafty politicians have turned these movements to their advantage. They are fulfilling their personal ambition through the colonial electoral process in place. These so called patriot politicians will never admit that Assamese constituents have the birth right of an independent nation and that this is also a basic human right. They won’t confess who is responsible for this dispossession. They do not state who is the chief enemy of our oppressed mass. But our people are having to acquiesce to these opportunist and submissive politicians of the day. No, this path is also not bringing any of our rights. There is not even any muttering of freedom and of regaining of independence can be heard of from the lips of these politicians.
The indigenous population of Assam must treat the colonial Indian Government as our common enemy. We need to stand united in fighting this common enemy. Otherwise it is a certainty that we shall never be free; regain our independence and fulfilment of our human rights. The shattered indigenous social fabric of today’s Assam is blatantly baring itself to this reality. My earnest appeal to all the sections of population of Assam to remember that regional self-government, cultural autonomy, independent nationhood, the lot, can be discussed and decided amongst us in the fullness of time. Now it is the time to be united putting aside caste, creed, religious and ethnic differences. This is what is needed now to regain our sovereignty. If a referendum one seeks to decide on the issue of sovereignty, so be it. Urgently and boldly fill the air over Assam with our slogan, “ We want our independence.” Any delay will be damaging.

ULFA, NDFB, UPDS, DHD have separately run a decade long armed struggle with immense sacrifices over this period. ULFA and NDFB respect each other’s self-determination aspirations and agree to carry out joint struggle against our common enemy and have already set up a co-ordination committee leading to development of a joint action plan that has already been activated. In this very significant moment my earnest call to the DHD and UPDS brothers to practically assist us in this joint political pursuit.

Why have the regional revolutionary unity and joint plan of action between the different revolutionary groups have not been very successful so far? The cease-fire agreement of NSCN (IM) has thrashed out extending to Assam, Manipur and Arunachal and its fall out have shown the negative aspect of the regional understanding and co-operation. Where do we stand regarding the united stance in our brotherly social outlook of the various societies in our region and what is the attitude of the different armed revolutionary organisations in respect of a joint struggle? I feel that it is of paramount importance that I attempt a creative analysis here, if not for anything else but to revere the valiant sacrifices of the martyrs of the whole region.

Like the people of Assam, from Kamatapur to Tripura, the whole region is suffering immensely under the Indian colonial oppressive rule. To restore independence and sovereignty to these peoples, NNC, NSCN, UNLF, RPF, ULFA, NDFB, NLFT, TPDF, UPDS, HNLC, DHD, ADO, KLO etc. organisations have come into being. All these organisations have waged war inside their respective territories. The Indian army with all its might has not been able to finish any of these organisations off. This proves that we can continue to fight on our own and sustain ours’ respective organisations. But, the positive political outcome still eludes us all. Therefore it is quite clear that, unless we fight together with proper planning, the political result of the struggle that we all have embarked upon unlikely to materialise. The organisations are gaining experiences with passage of time but unfortunately unable to unite in a common strategy. The result of such a non-action is becoming obvious. We have different views on the issues confronting us that are determined by the important social conflicts that we have failed to resolve so far and it makes our main cause a non-issue. Amongst these, some curious ill thought out and unrealistic plan and programmes are blatant causes of disunity and dissention between us.

We all know that our region is socially and economically is totally interdependent. Therefore, the struggles we have embarked upon in solving the various problems we have are also co-dependent. We are all neighbours and contentious matters can easily be sorted out with thorough discussions and dialogues. On the other hand if each nation decide to sit with our common enemy India without seeking a universal solution for all, it is very likely that seeds of distrust will be sown and unwanted bloody conflict might arise. Our enemy has been busy in manipulating this to take place for a long time. It is getting elated and our revolutionaries are loosing faith and getting demoralised. Unfortunately this is the negative picture of the revolution in our region at this moment.

On 2 July 2001 issue of India Today, a map of Nagalim has been published showing Sadiya, Tinisukia, Dibrugarh, Sibsagar, Jorhat, Golaghat, KarbiAlong, Nagaon, North Cachar to Silchar and even Majuli, the eight districts of Assam, have been included inside so-dreamt Nagalim. Not only the people of Assam, even the conscious Nagas will admit that it is all rubbish. Our organisation restrained itself in making a formal statement on the issue earlier, in view of the spontaneous immediate media and public outrage on such a misconception. It is felt that it is appropriate at this point to let the public know openly of the organisational stance on this outrageous claim.

Inclusion of the 8 districts of Assam in a proposed Nagalim is neither has historical basis nor credibility and in the past on several occasions we have made it clear that it is not acceptable. Before making such a pronouncement a fellow organisation should have sought views of the people of Assam as well as from our organisation. It is absolutely wrong to wrench out such a concession from Assam’s archenemy India by the Naga organisation. I call NSCN to exclude these 8 districts of Assam soaked with blood of many of our martyrs. I ask the historians to put out pedagogic information and arguments to contradict the inclusion of the 8 districts of Assam in a future Nagalim. Otherwise this claim is likely to be immensely damaging for our people.

The government of Bhutan has reported widely on the confab between that government and the ULFA, but a clarification from us is needed here to remove any doubt from the minds of the people and our cadres. We reiterate that ULFA is not going to occupy Bhutan permanently, nor is there any plan to include Bhutan in a sovereign Assam. Our camps in Bhutan are not for such purposes. As a result of the Indo-Assam conflict, lives of our freedom fighters are at a peril. Due to the prevailing situation the freedom fighters of Assam had to establish camps in Bhutan. It is a basic human right to be able to go to a place of safety when ones life is in danger. The history of various freedom struggles across the globe tells us that to secure safety for oneself and the nation the person represent, seeking shelter in a place of protection cannot be a crime. We appeal to the government of Bhutan and the Bhutanese people again that the cadres of United Liberation front of Assam must be given that universal right and to maintain the centuries old Assam- Bhutan cordial relationship intact.

We want a political solution to the Indo-Assam conflict. We have informed our public of our efforts in this direction regularly. In offering peace talks, India is constantly trying to thwart our national liberation struggle. But in reality it has not taken any meaningful step to look for a political solution to our demand. In case of the Nagas they have succeeded in instigating an in fight amongst Naga protagonists. We must not loose our heart but to press ahead to reach our goal keeping the ideals of our fellow freedom fighters alive who have already given their all for the cause. For a just political solution we must continue our struggle with increased vigour using arms as well as without, incessantly. Our duty is to shake off any apathy and fear and continue with our struggle with all our might. There is no alternative to it. My people! You must keep the momentum going fearlessly. We must win.



College student murdered by I.O.F. cold blooded in Nalbari

a gang of 8 Maratha light infantry regiment of Indian occupation force murdered a college student Mr. Rajesh Das (25) at Puranibasti of Ghagrapara in Nalbari district on July 24. According to the local people, the gang picked up Mr. Das from the road when he was returning home from market and brought him to a solitary place nearby and asked whereabouts of ULFA members. Mr. Das failed to tell anything about the ULFA members, as he had no links with them. As a consequence the gang killed Mr. Das in cold blood. Later the Indian occupation gang fabricated the murder as an encounter to cover the heinous crime.
Rapist I.O.F. member arrested on rape charge

Employees and public of Guwahati Zoo handed over a member of Indian occupation force for raping a 15-year-old girl inside the Zoo in broad daylight to Assam police on July 22. The rapist belongs to Army Medical Corps and based at Changsari and has been identified as Ramesh Chand (No 13988910/K). Sources said that the culprit accompanying with another army man Mr. K Subramaniam (No 13960123/M) brought the victim from Changsari to the Zoo. Later police detained Subramaniam also. The victim has been sent for medical test.

ONGC Crude oil leakage causes pollution in Nazira

The leakage of crude oil from the drilling site DGS No.041of Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC) at Jogijatakiya of Joketoly Mouza for last four months has created severe pollution causing environmental hazard at the vast area of Nazira sub-division in Sibsagar district. The outflow of oil has already submerged a formidable acreage of crops and a good numbers of fisheries as well. Despite the repeated complaint to the ONGC authorities by the local people as well as environment activists, nothing has been done to stop the leakage.

Can Rohmaria be saved from Erosion?

The erosion by the river Brahmaputra threatens the entire Rohmoria mouza of Chabua Revenue Circle in Dibrugarh district. Besides sweeping 27 villages and a number of tea estates away, the mighty river has also eroded the historical Mumai Tamuli Ali (PWD Road), leading between Dibrugarh and Tinsukia near at Garpara Satra. The RCC culvert No 1387 that was at Lilting village on the Mumai Tamuli Ali is about to be washed away by the river. If the erosion near Garpara Satra continues, then the river will slightly fall in low land area and thereafter the Mohanbari Airport and Assam Medical College & Hospital might be washed away.

Mention may be made here that the Erosion-hit Rohmarian has been launching agitation programs including oil blockade demanding immediate erosion-control measure to save hundreds of villages and a half a dozen tea gardens from the grapple of mighty Brahmputra. But till date the Government has initiated no concrete measures.


National Democratic Front of Boroland (NDFB) ambushed a patrol party of infamous 8 Maratha Light Infantry at the section of 31st national highway in between Karigaon and Bishmuri on 17 July. Three members of the IOF were killed in the ambush and their vehicle was completely destroyed in the incident.
In another incident, one CRPF man was shot dead in an encounter between CRPF men and NDFB militants at Paikandara under Gauripur police station at around 10 a.m on 25 July.


The villagers from the Merapani and Chungajan area situated along the Assam Nagaland border repeatedly call ULFA for rescuing them from the banditry of NSCN (IM) cadres in league with CRPF men posted in those areas. Illegal and forceful tax collection of NSCN (IM) was a natural experience of the peoples of the border areas since a very long time. However, the latest design of collection is far more wicked then ever before. Now, the cadres come to the villages along with the CRPF men and loot the house of inhabitants at their will not sparing even the chickens and ducklings of the poor villagers.

Instead of direct intervention to save the villagers from the savage act of banditry, ULFA request the villagers to build up mass resistance to protect themselves from such heinous crime.

(Volume 4, Issue 14. July 27, 2001)