All About Negotiation: Let the Ground Realities be Taken Up

But the straight gate is gloomy and narrowed and jungle treaders are very much well-versed in tactical sleuthing and raising slogans of political nature.

The ground-reality is very much uncertain and complex. Because until now the rebel groups are not starting a meaningful dialogue. Each and every rebel group in the north eastern state must have a common approach regarding the future of the region including Assam. On the other hand, the Centre has no common approach.

It starts dialogue with Thuingleng Muiva and Issac Su in Bankok, but have no common approach for other groups. This is a fallacious mistake. Because, in number, organisational strength and maturity PLA, ULFA etc are no longer second to NSCN (I-M). They have their own ideology and approach and even after closure of NSCN (I-M) warfront thFinal settlement of the problem of nationalities in Assam would be possible only on the basis of a national programme supported and accepted by all the organisations of Assam.

The Ground Reality: One

After the fall of the Myanmar rear area, the NSCN (I-M) have little hope of survival as a military power. The mature political leadership of NSCN (I-M) knows it very well that they cannot sacrifice the cause of self-determination of Nagaland without any meaningful gain.

In case of ULFA, after the fall of Bhutan rear area, rising danger of joint India-Myanmar military action and increasing pressure on Bangladesh to damp down the rebel camps in that country, the rear belt is shrinking. That is why, they want find our a path of survival.

In case of organisations like NDFB, after partial fulfillment of BTC demand, the support base is starting. Therefore, they are bound to find out a peaceful solution of the Bodo problem. The ground reality is of striking rear area of the rebels. This strategic drawback of the situation cannot be neglected by the rebel groups.

Ground Reality : Two

The political demand of the rebel groups is centring around an agenda of right of self-determination. This demand carries various meaning. For all political pundits of various school, it suggests autonomy with right to secede, i.e. freedom to determine the future of the nationality by its own members.

Ground Reality : Three

Uptil now the Government and ULFA---both parties are busy with their own line of action i.e. killing the other parties and the supporters. While Mamoni Roisom Goswami is preparing the ground for a discussion, the ULFA Commander-in-Chief, who is recognised by all as the Supreme authority so far the military command of ULFA is concerned, have threatened the Congress that the members of the organisation would be killed even at the grass root level.

This cannot be accepted as a good tactical stand of ULFA. Because if discussion is to be made sincerely, then there should not be any threat from any quarter. The Centre, on the other hand, is continuing is operations against ULFA, Mamoni Roisom Goswami factor has no meaning at all in the military level.
If the parties concerned are sincere for peacemaking, then they must stop the killings first. My suggestion to the Centre and the Assam Government to stop all sorts of killings. Same suggestions I like to offer to the other parties. It is not politics of a civil society. Let us hope for a better future and stop the killings. A fresh situation is needed to make the peace process a success.

Ground Reality : Four

The nature of the political problem of the nationality is of political nature. I do not think that economic doles would have some lasting impact. In the same thing, it should be recognised that the cause of concern is not a conspiracy against anybody.

All demands centring around self-determination are of political nature and ULFA Commander-in-Chief Paresh Barua's demand for sovereignty is also of political nature. Political demands of this type can be settled only if the Indian Union is reconstructed and the Constitution is reframed or re-written. I think Prof. Monoranjan Mohanti and other intellectuals helping Mamoni Roisom Goswami would realise this situation properly.

Restructuring of this type does need many things more than the simple good wish and humanism. The reality would be realised in its comprehensive form to chalk out the alternative for all the oppressed and dissatisfied nationalities

By JATINDRA KUMAR BORGOHAIN on The Sentinel, Guwahati, Assam.