Address to Transport Minister

Dear Sir,

Through this esteemed daily I would like to bring a serious matter under your notice.

The matter is, I have done my diploma course in Automobile Engineering from Hindustan Institute Of Engineering Technology, St. Thomas Mount, Guindy ,Chennai, in 1990 but till date I have not got any job. The reason is, it is not at all recognized course. The institute offers two Diploma courses in Automobile Engineering one is two years and other is three years course. The three-year course is recognized by Tamil Nadu Govt. but the two years course is not. The institute simply gives certificate. Which can be purchased also. I am holding the two years Diploma and till date couldn’t even manage to get a job even in private company because it not affiliated by any organization. But there are lots of Motor Vehicle Inspectors (MVI) in the Transport Department in Assam who are having this two years diploma, which is nowhere recognized.
If a person without having a valid education can hold a responsible post like MVI then there will be no value of education and totally injustice with people who are still unemployed in spite of having valid qualification. Most of these cases took place when Mr. Sivshombhu Ujha was Transport Minister and Late Mr. Hiteswar Saikia was the Chief Minister.

I am aware that you are trying to streamline lots irregularities in this respective department. Now this is my humble request to you to check this matter thoroughly so that this illegal posting could be banished and criminal charges could be imposed on them who are trying to mislead the Government.

In Assam even ACS officers were also relinquished from their post because of the male practice took place in Assam Public Service Commission during the tenure of Mr. Taraprasad Das (Chairman, APSC). So now I am expecting a wise step from you to check the matter thoroughly to find out those MVIs who are not even having proper qualification to hold the post. There will be not less then ten (10) MVIs in different districts of Assam.

Hope you will do the needful, which is within your domain.


Pulok Gogoi
Guwahati (Assam)