“Love is in the air”

It was spread further by the movies and soaps released in the following months making life gloomy for singles. Especially on February 14th every year. And it’s time that we prepare ourselves for the same fateful day this year too.

Florists and card shop owners have already reinforced their arsenal on the occasion to vaccinate the old victims and make a few new kills as well. The starters may possibly walk away with a mushy card, coupled with a few flowers and chocolates, without making much of a hole in their pockets. But as most of you would agree, the number of doses to be taken increases with every passing year. And, vaccines are also getting costlier. So the senior players might have to forget their installment payment this month for a diamond pendant, imported watch or high-end perfume for their better half.

But it’s an intelligent investment with a definite return I guess… After all, by the end of the day or the year or the partnership itself, one gets that divine touch of somebody’s lips and/or hips! Even if one bites the dust, at least everyone fly high for those long yet short days.

Anyways let’s turn to something serious right now. I believe couples in Guwahati don’t really get much space even to breathe leave alone breed. The city authorities have totally failed to provide a proper space to the ones in love.

Who wants to eat and sit in a restaurants corner all the time? All that the couples need is a decent place to spend some real time in peace together, without worrying about money. The only spacious park situated near Cotton, do not really offer much privacy. With the lal topi wale beggars and other such elements on the prowl most of the time it is another headache if one opts for some out-of-the-way place.

Maybe, that’s why many among you have to turn to the nearby townships and roadside inns. But that’s understandably not an option that all could opt for. So maybe it’s time couples get together and demand some “lover’s zone” like our counterparts in Kolkata recently has! Who knows…if the issue clicks, some party might include at least promise for the same in their next election manifesto!

Now let’s get a bit up close & personal! All of you must have a special person in that big-little heart of yours, especially for the big day? Or at least some love-bites from the past that still pinch through your face making a complete ass of it! Remember the day the two of you first met, the outings together, the calls the letters and in my case a tape that blew up everything. But thanks to all the Gods up or out there that the blast didn’t kill me and I am alive today to tell you the story.

It was a post break-up situation, but the lover inside me still wanted to give it one last try. So one evening, from a boy’s hostel in Bhowanipore, Calcutta, I decided to speak it out loud and clear in to a Sony two-in one. I arranged for the beer for some extra strength during recording while my roommate, Jack, provided the recording device and a blank tape (after he’d finished his session). Let’s not discuss what I said, but let me tell you this that it was really some 60 minutes recording with songs by Backstreets Boys, MLTR etc to fill up the gaps as I sipped some beer in between.

Once my recording was over the two of us rushed to the DHL center in Camac Street. Unfortunately for us the last van had already left for the airport, as it was almost 9pm. We explained to the front office staff that the packages must reach Guwahati the next day, 14th of February. The lady there only smiled mischievously after checking our consignment of Hallmark cards and audiocassettes.

The tapes filled with confessions of what we believed to be truelove or something of the kind did reach their destination on time. But as of today my friend is married to a different girl and settled in Calcutta and I don’t even remember the face of the girl I sent that tape to! But than that doesn’t mean that my heart has turned sore…the following lines would show why or how!

Out in the dark!

As you look out through your window
all that you see is the dark sky,
But I wish that in that very darkness
you would find my eyes looking at you.

As you walk out to the terrace
the chilly winter wind engulfs you,
But I wish that you could feel the warmth
of my touch that came with it too.

You come back to your room
and see an empty couch,
But I wish that you could see me
waiting right there for you.

You sit and stroke
your little puppy,
But I wish that it were my hair
that you could play with.

You hop into the bed
with the little teddy in your arms,
But I wish that it was me out there
for you to cuddle.

You close your eyes and try to sleep,
But couldn’t because it’s me that you see.

And I wish that it was really true,
Cause, as I close my eyes
it’s you that I see too!

So close your eyes and find out whom it is waiting out there for you. I wish every one of you all the luck to have the one in your dreams in your arms this Valentine.

But at the end I would still say “kus khoiya hai… kus paya hai …par jo bhi hai sab maya hai……”

SANTANU BURAGOHAIN santanuburagohain@rediffmail.com