Popular Publications in Assam

Assamese Dailies

  • Aajir Axom, The Sentinel
    Omega Printers and Publishers, G.S. Road, Guwahati-5 editor: Radhika Mohan Bhagawati, 6-2054, 7-0256
  • Aajir Baatori
    Rajashri Publication, Rehabari, Guwahati-8, editor: Dhirendra Chakrabarty, 3-1352, 4-3234 fax: 4-3234
  • Dainik Asom
    editor: Prafulla Baruah, 4-1356, 4-1359
  • Dainik Janambhumi
    Janambhumi Group, Jorhat-1, editor: Deba Bora, 32-1693, 32-1693, 32-0033
  • Natun Dainik

Assamese Humour

Here is a collection of jokes, humours stories, one-liners (maybe two-liners also related to Assam and the Assamese. These are meant for fun only. No disrespect is intended to anyone. raam aaru ajodhya Two friends were talking in a restaurant. One guy was telling the other a story,

"I knew a truck driver named Ajodhya. One day he drank a bottle of Rum and died instantly. He had too much alcohol".

The other friend said,

A List of Assamese Idioms

This is a collection of the phakaraa-jojanaa that appeared in the luitporia and assam mailing lists. I have collected them and put it in this list. Various people have contributed to the list. I have not marked the individual contributions. Contributors are Vijeet Sharma, Kamal C Sarma, Dilip K Deka, Abhi Barthakur, Puspadhar Das, Gitartha P Pathak, Rabin Deka, Roshmi Kakati, Chan Mahanta, Prakash Das, Muhammed R. Islam, Khanin Pathak, Ganesh Bora, Satyen Das , Rajen Barua , Ochintya Sharma, Ashraf Nazir Hussain. If I have missed anybody, please let me know.

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