A Genuine Warmth

By Bandita Phukan
Translation: Bandita Phukan and Jugal Kalita

Too Tragic to Answer

By Atulananda Goswami

Translation: Khanindra Pathak and Jugal Kalita

"Dhon! Can you come here for a moment please?" 

"Dhon is not home, Grandpa. He has gone to the pharmacy to get some medicine." Rumi replied as she came out of the house hearing her grandfather's voice. 

"What about Bapai? Where is he?" 

"He is in the backyard. Do you want to speak with him, grandpa?" 

Notes on Assamese Language

Recently there have been some discussions on the relationships between Assamese and Bengali languages. Here are some notes on that topic.

1. Assamese was banished from schools and courts in Assam in 1836. It was reintroduced in 1882. (source: Assamese Literature by Birinchi Kumar Barua).

Major Languages of the World

Language list by number of speakers (Number of speakers in millions, as of midyear 1991; includes native and non-native speakers)

 1. Mandarin (China)		885
 2. English			450
 3. Hindi			367
 4. Spanish			352
 5. Russian			294
 6. Arabic			202
 7. Bengali			187
 8. Portuguese			175
 9. Malay-Indonesian		145
10. Japanese			126
11. French			122
12. German			118
13. Urdu (India, Pakistan)	 94
14. Punjabi (India, Pakistan)	 87
15. Korean (Koreas, China)	 72
16. Telugu (India)		 69
17. Tamil (India, Sri Lanka)	 66
18. Marathi (India)		 65
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