Debendra Nath Acharya, Author

Birth: March 3, 1937, Gorokhiadole, Jorhat, Assam, India.
Demise: September 29, 1981.

Debendra Nath Acharya was an eminent engineer; a great scholar with a dynamic personality. Despite acquiring in-depth technical knowledge, he was gifted with scholarly aptitude towards Assamese literature; even, a master in Sanskrit. Gifted with a photographic memory, his brilliance shone from a very young age.

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Childhood Love

By Roma Das
Translation: Jugal Kalita

It was a time when the biggest excitement in my life was wandering aimlessly in groves of mangoes, plums and berries by our home. It was a time when unbounded happiness and enjoyment came from making little paper boats and floating them in the open moat. It was a time when I spied mythical elephants in the white clouds on a clear moonlit night. This is a story of that era and the tender state of my mind during those days.

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By Nakul Chandra Bhuyan
Translation: Khanindra Pathak and Jugal Kalita

Savest me thou, O God
From this tidal world!

It was noon. The sun was shining brightly. Sixty year old baaiyon Dhonbor was laying on the bamboo cot. He was reciting prayers almost inaudibly. He had been bed-ridden for more than a month. He was suffering from severe blood dysentery. His son Monbor came in and stood near the bed.

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