Human Rights

Protest Convention Against Criminal Law Amendment Bill

Press Release

A Protest Convention was held at Gauri Sadan, near Dighalipukhuri, Guwahati, on 20th February 2000 by Manab Adhikar Sangram Samiti, to oppose the enactment of the proposed Criminal Law Amendment Bill. The Convention was a follow up of a protest rally which was organised by MASS on 17th February 2000. Thousands of people attended the rally and marched from the Assam Engineering Institute field, via Silpukhuri, to submit a memorandum for the President of India at the District Commissioner's office in Chandmari.

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A Brief Report on State Repression in Assam

(March 2000) 

In a growing display of abdication of all responsibility, vis-à-vis its duties, the state government in Assam has unleashed a wave of terror upon its striking workers. The following compilation of events wishes to highlight the plight of the struggling masses in Assam. It also seeks to bring into focus the violations being endured by every section of society in their struggle against State brutality.  The State and Government Employees

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Second Convention of NECOHR

15th May 2000.

The North East Coordination committee on Human Rights (NECOHR), strongly criticised the central government's proposal to enact the anti-people Prevention of Terrorist Activities Bill. As a part of a three day programme held from 15th to 17th May 2000 in Chanmari, Guwahati, a seminar was organised by NECOHR and hosted by MASS, to discuss the anatomy of the Bill on 16th May 2000.

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